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Grow Your Brand Through the Art of Design

You Dream it, I can Create it.

As an industry-leading, Senior Graphic Designer based in The Gold Country, I have the skills and experience to help my clients thrive. I bring my client's visions to life through a range of visual media services. I have provided customers with extensive design services that set them apart from the competition for the last 21 years.

I provide personalized attention and guidance throughout the whole design process, from the initial concept to the final result, making sure my clients are true partners in the experience.

Now offering...

Custom, Die-cut, Vinyl stickers/decals/magnets for any solid surface • 
indoor/outdoor/transparent/solid/color/black and white


Custom, Die-cut, Vinyl Printed Apparel •
All colors/shirts/Tanks/hats/sweatshirts/underwear/beach bag/etc.


Logo Design • You dream it, I can create it.

Business cards • 
Simple/foil accent/Embossed Gloss/magnetic


Brochure Design

Event Poster Design

Banner Design

Sign Design 

Menu Design

Yard sign Design

Billboard Design

Social media Design

Web Design

Document Creation/Design

Invitation Design

Sandwich Board Design

Window Design

Coin Design



About Me

JustJenn gRAPHIC DESIGN_edited_edited.png
JustJenn gRAPHIC DESIGN_edited_edited.png


JustJenn gRAPHIC DESIGN_edited_edited.png
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